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Facts About Shoes

Shoes are made up of five different parts: toe box, vamp, sole, heel, and last. The materials that each part is made of affect the fit and comfort. Softer shoes cushion impact and reduce the amount of pressure on the foot.

Knowing what to look for when choosing shoes can help you find the best pair for you. Flat shoes with laces have are the most secure and healthiest for your feet. Avoid shoes with seams over a bunion or sore spot, and choose shoes made from soft and flexible materials.

Your footprint can tell you a lot about the shape of your foot, and you can use this to find the best fitting shoes. Additionally, the wear patterns of your old shoes can help you find athletic shoes that provide a better fit based on your activity.

You can choose from a wide variety of shoes depending on your activity needs. Those with diabetes and other foot issues often require special custom-made or modified shoes in order to prevent injury and reduce stress and pressure on the feet.

Let us help you find the right shoes for all your walking needs.

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